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Knowledge Based Area Development



Founder & 1st Vice-Chancellor of IUBAT
Prof Dr M Alimullah Miyan


Bangladesh is endowed with people, but has very limited natural resources and financial capital. By developing the people into human capital, we can overcome some of the limitations of our physical capital and at the same time lay the basis of generating capital resources. Education and skill development are the routes for creating human capital.

Institutionalization of KBAD

As already been mentioned, IUBAT has established an educational cooperative in the form of IUBAT Multipurpose Cooperation Society Ltd (IMCSL) with a share capital of 50 million taka. The prime objective of IMCSL is to mobilize funds and to utilize the resources for providing repayable educational financing and scholarships to the members and their dependents. This is a prelude to establishment of a Shikkha Bank (Education Bank). Some progress has been made towards realization of this goal through expansion of the membership base to nearly 21200, individuals.


IUBAT has set out the long term vision of producing at least one professional graduate from each village/ward under the KBAD concept as a step towards community self reliance. To materialize this vision and to translate the concept into reality, IUBAT has special provision for supplementing the family resources of a student through scholarship, grant, fee waiver, deferred payment, campus job, educational financing and the like. It is IUBAT policy to cater to the needs of all qualified students who aspire to higher professional education-regardless of the income level of his/her family through appropriate educational financing arrangements.