KBAD concept has been put into operation in the educational philosophy of IUBAT, although this can be practiced by any tertiary educational institution having commitment to social mobility. KBAD concept underscores the importance of tertiary education in economic and social development of a country through enhanced participation of qualified young men and women in professional university education.

The concept underscores the importance of coverage of entire geographical area of Bangladesh involving all social classes including the underserved and underprivileged categories. This orientation is reflected in the adoption of a particular policy by IUBAT to cater to needs of all qualified students who aspire for higher professional education regardless of the income level of his/her family through appropriate educational financing arrangements under any of the available windows or through creation of new windows. This essentially means arrangements

for special provision for supplementing the family resources of a student through scholarship, grant, free studentship, fee waiver, deferred payment, campus job, and special offer, educational financing through IMCSL or service charge free financing from Financial Assistant Fund (FAF). Over the past years, most of these instrumentalities have been used to enable increased access to higher education by qualified students. In geographical term, the goal is to produce at least one professional graduate of IUBAT from every Upazila/Thana, then from every Union and then from every Village and finally from each of the extended joint family. This would essentially mean attention to not only the number of students admitted in different programs of IUBAT but also their geographical and social spread.