Founded in 1991 by Dr M Alimullah Miyan, the IUBAT—International University of Business Agriculture and Technology in Dhaka, is the first non-government higher education institution in Bangladesh. The initial planning for establishment of this university began in 1980s that led to completion of the working paper in 1989 ( With a focus upon the creation of a modern curriculum and infrastructure, the goal of IUBAT is to produce well-qualified candidates for the social and economic benefit of the nation. In the last decades since its inception, the University has forged a reputation for excellence and independent thought. IUBAT has increased its core courses to include nine programs leading to Undergraduate degrees, an MBA program and two Diploma courses while launching of eight bachelor’s programs, seven master’s programs and a PhD program is underway. The university has also invested in the study and promotion of English as the medium of instruction and communication, to enable students to prepare the skills necessary for today’s global job market. IUBAT academic standards are accepted worldwide and it enjoys numerous links with other international universities and institutions, including visiting faculty and student transfers. Research and publications have been embedded in the academic culture of the University. The new premises include modern facilities and ample room for future expansion.