To permit wider coverage and to increase accessibility, IUBAT resorted to various mechanisms to give relief on standard fee charges through introducing rebate on the standard fees at different rates for different programs from 2006 and five programs are still continuing to enjoy rebate facilities. Besides, IUBAT introduced merit scholarship for entry as well as throughout the study period for all categories of students seeking admission from different streams like HSC, Business Management, Vocational, Alim, Diplomas in Agriculture, Nursing, Textile, Forestry, Printing, Ceramics/Glass, Survey, Marine Engineering, Jute Technology, Health Technology and Services or Commerce, GCE and students as well as master’s and bachelor’s degree holders for entry into the MBA program. As an illustration, information on the merit scholarship rates for HSC certificate holders in different semesters are shown below in tabular form. Similar merit scholarships were allowed for diploma, GCE students as well as for master’s entry level students.

Table-1: The following table shows the percentage (%) of students who received 100% tuition fee waiver scholarship under KBAD in different semesters at IUBAT:

Semester % of Students Semester % of Students
Spring       2022 38.00 Spring       2019 11.00
Fall             2021 24.00 Fall               2018 05.00
Summer    2021 26.00 Summer      2018 15.00
Spring        2021 12.00 Spring          2018 20.00
Fall             2020 15.00 Fall               2017 06.00
Summer   2020 9.00 Summer      2017 11.00
Spring        2020 10.00 Spring          2017 16.00
Fall             2019 10.00 Fall               2016 08.00
Summer   2019 14.00 Summer     2016 13.00