Merit Scholarships at the point of Admissions

Merit Scholarships on tuition for bachelor’s and diploma programs are awarded to students based on their academic performance in SSC, HSC, A Levels and equivalent examination. The rates of Merit Scholarship on tuition fees for current semester are as follows:

HSC and Equivalent

GPA Rate of Scholarship for Male Rate of Scholarship for Female
5.00 100%* 100%*
5.00 60%* 75%*
4.80-4.99 50% 65%
4.50-4.79 25% 40%
4.00-4.49 15% 30%
3.75-3.99 10% 25%

*with GPA-5 at SSC

Diploma and Equivalent

GPA Rate of Scholarship for Male Rate of Scholarship for Female
3.80-4.00 100% 100%
3.60-3.79 50% 65%
3.35-3.59 25% 40%
2.90-3.34 15% 30%
2.50-2.89 10% 20%

For study at master’s level at IUBAT, the rates of Merit Scholarships are as follows:
Masters, Honors Degree, Pass Level

Level of Achievement Rate of Scholarship Male Rate of Scholarship Female
Three first Class/division holders from any university 100% 100%
Two First Class/division holders of which one is in Masters or Degree exams from any university 70%


Two First Class/division holders in earlier exams from any university 60% 75%
50% marks in BA, BSC, B.Com honors or pass courses 50% 65%
45%-49% Marks in BA, BSC, B.Com honors or pass courses 35% 50%

IUBAT Graduate

Level of Score Rate of Scholarship


Rate of Scholarship


3.75- 4.00 100% 100%
3.51 – 3.74 70% 85%
3.26 – 3.50 60% 75 %
3.00 – 3.25 50% 65%
2.50 – 2.99 35% 50%

Others University Graduates

Level of Score Rate of Scholarship


Rate of Scholarship


3.75- 4.00 100% 100%
3.51 – 3.74 70% 85%
3.26  – 3.50 60% 75%
3.00 – 3.25 50% 65%
2.50-2.99 35% 50%

In-Program Merit Scholarship
Students who are not entitled for merit scholarship at the point of admission can earn the In-Program Merit Scholarship of 50% tuition waiver by securing CGPA 4.00 out of 4.00 in every semester of their study period.

Merit Scholarship during Study
Merit Scholarships are awarded to students who secure CGPA 4.00 out of 4.00 in consecutive three semesters during their study at the IUBAT. This scholarship is awarded ceremonially with a certificate of merit excellence and cash prize of Tk. 5,000 (five thousand).

Gender Parity Scholarship
Besides the Merit Scholarships, female students are entitled to 15% additional tuition scholarship over the male students. There are also two dedicated scholarships for needy and meritorious female students namely Abdus Salam Full-board Scholarship and Jolly Hamid Scholarship.

IUBAT Green Leaf Scholarship
Children of tea garden workers can avail the SaadKamelia Scholarship (SKS) of the IUBAT Green Leaf ScholarshipFund established with initial funding contribution from Ms Keya Saad Tengmark, Sweden. Full-board Scholarship under this fund is also available.

Culture and Sports Scholarships
Culture and Sports Scholarships on tuition are available for recognized sports persons& artists.

In addition to the above scholarships, IUBAT has 39 funded scholarships out of which scholarships are awarded every semester on the basis of merit-cum-need.

The above facilities for access, other special provisions mentioned above as well as customized financial assistance provisions have enabled wide participation of students in the educational programs of IUBAT. An analysis of origin of Bangladeshi students who have graduated and/or studying at IUBAT indicate that every district of Bangladesh is represented in the IUBAT Community. According to the latest available information, there are 550 Upazilas/Thanas in the country and an analysis of the origin of IUBAT graduates and students indicate that they come from 537 Upazilas/Thanas as can be seen from the distribution map given herein. Thus, in terms of coverage, only 2.55 % of the Upazilas/Thanas are yet to be covered by the outreach program of IUBAT to ensure 100% Upazila/Thana coverage. On reaching 100% Upazila/Thana coverage, the goal would go for Union/Ward coverage followed by coverage of each village/moholla. Given that there are 87,963 villages in Bangladesh, it may appear to be a formidable task but is doable.

The human resources development mission of the university is being largely achieved not only in terms of coverage but also extensive engagement of its graduates in social transformation through job placement or entrepreneurial engagement at home and abroad. There is no reported significant unemployment among IUBAT graduates.