On the face of large scale so called educated unemployment in the country, a question may arise as to the outcome of study by the students who have received financial assistance, since many of them come from a socially disadvantaged strata of the society. Nearly 40% of the financial assistance recipients have completed their studies, while 35% are continuing their studies at IUBAT. Nearly 25% discontinued study at IUBAT, some of whom continued study in other institutions. An informal survey indicated the following status of all those who completed the program.

Figure showing status of the students who completed courses with financial assistance under KBAD

Information available on those who discontinued at IUBAT for different reasons such as academic challenge and English language as medium of instruction; have completed their studies from other institutions or found satisfactory employment on the basis of education received at IUBAT.

Thus, the financial assistance program not only opened the door for many but also directly contributed to their social mobility, gained respect for professional education in the community and brought satisfaction to the individual and family. In this process, KBAD is laying the foundation of a knowledge based society on a limited scale.

Examples of Outcome Reflecting Diversity

Story of Diploma in Computer Science (DCS) with deferred payment: A student came from a remote village of Comilla district from a family with limited exposure to technical education. The person was admitted to the Diploma in Computer Science (DCS) program and had serious difficulty in adjusting to modern methods of study and learning. With considerable patience the faculty oriented the individual to modern living and study habits leading to achievement of DCS certificate. On completion of the study, the person immediately found employment in a travel agency followed by work as a System Administrator in an airline in Bangladesh, then proceeded to England, earned BSc in Computing and Information System followed by MSc and also a CCNA certification. The person is now an IT professional in the UK and is happily settled there.

Story of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with deferred payment: One young person was referred from the Monga (famine) affected district of Nilphamari to IUBAT for potential employment since the education of the person was interrupted due to Monga condition. Being moved by the situation faced by the person, IUBAT created opportunity for training, employment situation as well as study opportunity up to the HSC level paving the way of entry into the university BBA program with deferred payment facility. This person was provided with work-study opportunity for survival and was found to be hard working and coped well with study requirements. After earning the BBA degree, the person continued study in the MBA program, but the BBA degree has enabled the person to earn the capacity to bear the cost of the MBA program. The person is first generation graduate in the family and has a very positive effect on rest of the family members who are also now availing opportunity for higher professional education with financial and motivational support of the person. Besides, the person is a catalyst for development work in the community where a non-government organization has been created providing employment to eight people for income generation as well as providing the community with access to technology and information for alleviation of poverty. Thus, the person has become a role model in the community which is a perfect example of the catalytic role envisaged under the KBAD model.

Story of Aspiring BCS Graduate: The person concerned came to IUBAT from Jessore with a polytechnic diploma to study Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) program under deferred payment. The person graduated and started working in a non-government university in the country and went to Sweden to earn a Master in Computer Science and on return joined another non-government university and eventually went to UK for doctoral study. The foundation laid by IUBAT Department of Computer Science and Engineering enabled the person to build a successful professional career with opportunity for higher education in two different counties of Europe.

Story of a Business Entrepreneur: After being medically disqualified by the Inter Service Selection Board for entry into Bangladesh Air Force, this cadet college certificate holder came to IUBAT to join the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program with deferred payment facilities. On completion of BBA degree the person ventured into small business and eventually established a large service organization in the telecom sector creating employment opportunity for nearly seventy people including qualified engineers. The firm continues to grow which is a tribute to the personal trait of the individual and quality of the training provided by the College of Business Administration of IUBAT.

Story of BSEEE: This person came from urban area of Dhaka and joined the Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (BSEEE) program with deferred payment facility. On completion of the study, after limited job experience, the person left for Sweden for studying Masters in the electrical and electronics field. The study program and KBAD facilities enabled the person to relocate himself in an internationally competitive educational environment.

Story of BATHM: The person came from the Monga (famine) affected district of Rangpur and took admission into the Bachelor of Arts in Tourism and Hospitality Management (BATHM) program with deferred payment facility. On graduation, the person gained experience in the local hotel industry then found opportunity to relocate in a good position in an organization in United Arab Emirates, paving the way for the family to move towards prosperity.

Story of BSME: The person came from Mymensingh district and joined the Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME) program with a polytechnic diploma by availing the KBAD facilities. On graduation, the person moved into an executive position in a large local gas distribution company in the country, paving the way for personal growth as well as work in the local community.

Story of MBA: The person hailed from Jessore and joined the Master in Business Administration (MBA) program. The study program enabled the person to land in a managerial position in an international non-government organization in the country.

Story of BSAg: The person came from Pabna with a diploma in agriculture to join the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (BSAg) program with the facility of deferred payment. Through the practicum part of the study program, the person landed into a job as an agriculturist with a large group of company in Bangladesh. On graduation, the person is now on the move to a managerial position.