As already been mentioned, IUBAT has established an educational cooperative in the form of IUBAT Multipurpose Cooperation Society Ltd (IMCSL) with a share capital of 50 million taka. The prime objective of IMCSL is to mobilize funds and to utilize the resources for providing repayable educational financing and scholarships to the members and their dependents. This is a prelude to establishment of a Shikkha Bank (Education Bank). Some progress has been made towards realization of this goal through expansion of the membership base to nearly 25488, individuals. This has resulted in a membership fund of Tk.5.10 million and a share capital of Tk. 10.30 million as of January 2022. Besides, the deposits and savings in accounts is approximately Tk.13.15 million. Thus starting with a modest base the IMCSL is gaining momentum to provide substantive support to operationalization of KBAD concept.

IUBAT has established a Financial Assistance Fund (FAF) to facilitate education and training of academically eligible students with serious financial handicap. Such fund is being created out of various form of charity and is being kept segregated and maintained as an independent fund to meet this particular objective. Applicants are granted educational financing without service charge and collateral and repayment is made on an easy schedule for recycling the benefits. So far a modest sum of approximately Tk. 2,182,972/- has been raised. IUBAT faculty, officers and staff members are making modest monthly contribution to this fund to support education of children from destitute families of Bangladesh.

Thus the institutional attempt for educational financing to realize the vision of KBAD has taken the form of developing an educational cooperative and establishment of a FAF. At the same time modalities have been established to operationally support the educational cooperative and to facilitate creation of Shikkha Bank. At the same time software is being developed by Automation Unit to automate the operation of IMCSL as well as to provide better service to members.